stag and hen

The UK calls them Stag and Hen parties.  Here, we call them Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.  So, Redseven, the leading hen and stag company, put together this infographic to show the trends on hen and stag parties in the UK.

Most Popular Locations

In the UK, hens favor London and stags favor Bournemouth.  Overseas, hens favor Marbella and stags favor Riga.

Biggest Expense

Booze.  No big shocker there.  Stags spend more money all around, but the food to booze ratio is smaller for hens than it it is for stags.


Hens like suprises.  44% of hen parties keep the destination secret, while only 14% of stag parties keep the destination a secret.

Fancy Dress

Hens spend more on fancy dress and gifts than stags.

Who is In Control?

15% of stags organized their own weekends, while 25% of hens controlled their own.


39% of stag parties admitted to flirting on their stag weekend, while 8.6% of stags admitted to some kissing.  21% of hen parties admitted to flirting, and 4.6% of hens admitted to kissing.  Shame.


When asked which celebrity stag or hen party they wished they’d attended, 34% of surveyed stags said Wayne Rooney and 62% of hens said Coleen Rooney.  The Rooneys, apparently, are very popular.


Design: B+

The black, white and red is striking, and the images are clean.

Information:  B+

It’s nice to know what they’re doing on the other side of the pond.

Source: Stag weekends by Redseven.