Spring chores are the best chores of all! Not only do you get to be outside, but you are also rewarded with a beautiful yard to relax and entertain in once you are done. This infographic from Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking provides you with some common outdoor chores as well as tips to do them correctly. Need to repair a fence rail? We have it covered. Not sure when to fertilize your yard? We can tell you about that too. For more tips on deck & fence maintenance, visit our blog.

Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List Infographic

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

Great images and background color used in the design of this infographic. I appreciate that the information is broken into steps making it easier for the reader to follow.

Infographic Information: B

This is a great checklist for making sure you take care of all of your spring cleaning.

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