Many marketers think that social media marketing and search engine marketing are not related at all. This video infographic takes this idea and compares the two to see if they are related and which is better for companies to focus on.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The video design was good and had a nice theme throughout the video. The different rounds helped to distinguish the different points and helped the flow of the video. The characters were funny and added humor to the video. They represented each side fighting for the win and this was a great way to compare the information about social and search engine marketing. The statistics were nice and easy to read and the narrator gave a good summary so viewers did not have to read every word.  The video was a new and interesting way to share the information from a normal infographic.


Infographic Information: B

The information in the video was actually really interesting and compared social and search engine marketing. Each round offered a different point that the other was better at doing. Each round there was a winner deciding which marketing technique worked better. In the end the two tied, showing that they can both work together to market to consumers.  The statistics were not surprising that social did better for intractability while search did better with local business visibility. So the video really pointed out the differences in each one and how they both have unique ways of reaching the target market. This was a nice video that had some very good information about the two different marketing techniques.

Infographic provided by MDG Advertising