Small Business Survey Reports Outlook for US Small Business Owners is Partly Sunny

Although US small business owners are generally optimistic about 2013 the consensus on small business taxes, financing, taking risks, and revenue growth is still a mixed bag according the recent Hiscox EDNA small business survey.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

I enjoyed the forecast image that the outlook for small businesses. That is a creative way to display the information and I believe many readers will look twice to see what it is talking about. I think each section is clearly defined and has a specific topic which helps to organize the information. All of the images that are in each section work well to show the information. The infogrpahic does have a professional look to it that may turn off some readers who look for fun and bright Infographics.

Infographic Information: C

The information is great for any small business owners who are looking to the future. I think the information gives a good understanding of how small businesses are expected to grow but I don’t see any real advice on what your specific business should do. So the information is good for a quick read about facts and info on small businesses but not real helpful for applying to your own business.

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