Sleeping bags are one of those things that you might not think you really need but when it comes to going camping or having sleepovers you will find you do need one. If you are camping out there are times it can get really cold and it is important to have a nice sleeping bag to crawl into to keep warm. This infographic is about choosing the right sleeping bag that can work for the seasons.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B

The infographic has an outdoors feel to it and uses earth tones to give a rugged look.  The title give and subtitle give a clear indication of what the infographic is about. The Section is clearly defined and the test is readable against the background. I am a little surprised to not see a picture or drawing of a sleeping bad anywhere on the infographic. I understand the use of the duck images for to represent down but I would have thought there would be a sleeping bag somewhere. Even if there is no sleeping bad I still would have enjoyed a few more images to break up all of the text. Readers tend to get bored and move on if there is a lot of text to read.


Infographic Information: A+

The information was great for someone who is an outdoors enthusiast who would be looking for a nice sleeping bag. It breaks sleeping bags down into two types of insulation those with synthetic insulation and those with down. The infographic points out that the best ones are the ones with both. I think the comparison chart was good to show why it is important to have both synthetic and down insulation. Of course any good infographic has some interesting facts and this one delivers offering a few facts about sleeping bags at the bottom.

Infographic provided by REI.

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