Whether you want to start a blog or manage your business’s website, you’re going to have to acquire hosting for your domain. This infographic compares simple, low-featured providers to high-end, feature-rich platforms. There are many hosting options on the Internet and this infographic will help you compare the top 10 shared web hosting companies.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design:B-

I give respect for trying to keep a connected or circuit board motif but it feels like it wasn’t part of the designer process, which seems to be showing separate boxes for each web host platform company. Comparisons are fairly compartmentalized and the design only further separates the comparisons being made. The color is a little heavy handed in the infographic, starting with the purple background giving extreme weight to the design. The graphics are simple and seems to be clipped and not used with a consistent look and feel. But each box follows the same plan and so you can more easily compare the hosts. Not bad, but could have been better.

Infographic Information: B

The information for each host is similar but different stats are used sometimes which is confusing, at least a little bit. Sometimes I see servers, sometimes its employees, sometimes its data being processed. I appreciate the statistics being provided for choosing my web host, I just wish it was consistent with each host. Of course, the most important number is front and center, the price. I think an asterisk needs to be added as none of these truly offer unlimited bandwidth. You will get throttled or limited if you site takes to much bandwidth on all these web hosts. Unlimited storage is also crafty, as they will limit the number of files you have, if not the space.

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