Lingerie can be a delicious treat (both for the woman who wears it and the man who beholds it!) There is no doubt that lingerie has definite sex appeal. In fact, many fashionable women have become so enamored with these ultra sexy, feminine looks that many don’t want to bury them underneath more serious clothing. They look for every opportunity to show them off on the outside. There’s no question that the look and appeal of lingerie has something to offer every woman, no matter her age, shape or size. But does the lingerie you wear say anything special about you? Is lingerie just great eye candy? Or, does it say something more about your personality? Hmmmm. Good question. So we dug up some tantalizing stats. Here’s an infographic that takes a look at lingerie and what your lingerie might be saying about you.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: C-

Not much in terms of graphics. A predictable choice in pink with some lace at the top. In fact, the lace looks like my grandmother’s lace doilies on her tables. Hardly sexy. The pinstripe background is not a bad choice, but usually pin striping is for something less feminine, but I could go either way on that graphic element. The fonts are small and hard to read. The typeface appears to be times-roman or something very close and the hand-writing font isn’t a great choice. Alas, it appears this infographic was chosen to build links rather than be entertaining. Really missed an opportunity to create something visually appealing.

Infographic Information: A-

I would overlook the sparse data if this infographic would have pushed the envelope even slightly. Not one lingerie mode? Really? Oh well, the data information doesn’t show much better. Three very obvious reasons for buying lingerie are included and them some stats on the ages of women who buy lingerie. While I was disturbed that 3% of women over 60 buy lingerie, I may feel different when I’m a septuagenarian. ;-)