Sex on Campus

Touchy subject, but one that needs addressing.  This infographic tells us, right at the top, that nearly half of all the new STD cases diagnosed each year happen with college students.  One out of every four college students has an STD.  That’s super scary, especially when you consider that the 15-24 age range accounts for only 25% of sexually active Americans.   The most common STDS are HPV, chlamydia, and genital herpes.


The pop quiz shows three college kids, and asks “which of these college students has an STD?”  Then they blow our minds by telling us that more than half of the college students who participated in a certain study thought that you could tell if someone had an STD just by looking at them.

School STD Rankings

I’m not going to write down the whole list, but Trojan Condoms studied 141 of the major universities to see who had the most and least STDs, and graded them on their health centers, the availability of contraceptives, and STD testing availability.  Just so you know, Columbia University is the healthiest, and University of Notre Dame is the unhealthiest.  BYU is also one of the unhealthiest.  Irony.

See the infographic for the full rundown.

Four Tips

Here they give you four tips on how to stay sexually healthy.  Get an HPV vaccination, get tested, use protection, and if you’re positive for an STD, make sure to tell a potential partner.


Design:  A 

It’s a well-designed infographic.  The Trojan study data is a little fuzzy, but it’s hard to put that much information in a small space.

Information:  B

I think it would have been good to tell about symptoms, and maybe go through all the different forms of contraception.

Source:  Get tested at an STD testing center.