This infographic is an actual case study that was done for San Tan Ford that showed how the process of optimizing their site could help increase their marketing results.



Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The first thing that stands out to me is the rear view mirror which is a great title image and fits perfectly with the company. I think the images and the colors used look great and work well with the overall theme of the infographic. The infographic read like a story starting from the beginning and explaining step by step the process of their SEO. I enjoyed the arrows that helped the reader follow their way through the infographic. All of the graphs with information were easy to read and understand and the labels helped to make it clear.  The design of the infographic overall was fun and clean which readers will enjoy.


Infographic Information: A

The information about the SEO process was actually a great way to break down and explain how it affects a company. The information was presented in a clear way so that anyone who may not be familiar with SEO could understand. I like that the information included a quote from someone in the company.  This infographic clearly stated the problem and what they did to fix it which could help other SEOs who may be trying to do the same thing. The graphs clearly showed that SEO had paid off in the end and that San Tan Ford came out ahead because of this SEO. This infographic demonstrated a new way to present case studies and might be the start of a new trend.


Infographic provided by SEO Phonenix and SEO Scottsdale

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