Ah, the American dream and apparently the United Kingdom dream – being your own boss. Self employment sounds glamorous. Think about is: no one to tell you want to do, long vacations, deciding your own hours, sleep in, leave early, etc. But the realities (and I know from current personal experience) are very different, but I digress…

And while the idea of being self employed is attractive and the reality is hard work, you may wonder if being self employed in the United States vs the UK is very different.

According to this infographic,  the differences are not major but there is a trend that points toward a more successful career in the United States. More Americans work for themselves and with good reasons such as United States citizens make more money being self employed and UK workers put in more hours. Seems like a good reason to start a business in the US vs the UK. Oh, you pay more taxes in the UK as well. Hmmmm, you may want to consider moving to the US if you are about to start a business in the UK.

The infographic artist has provided 10 nifty fact about self employment in the US and across the pond in the UK. The different facts are of small interest but I felt some even more statistics would have helped, such as what types of self employed jobs are being held. And what about success and failure rates in both countries? Is it easier or harder to start a business in the United State? The content is sparse as stated above with only 10 facts being shown and more would have helped.

The containing design is limited to boxes of gradient colors, which seems to be chosen at random. Pinks, blues yellows, grays and black with no uniformity. The boxes of color sit atop one another with no central or unifying theme, other than the font with nothing graphically connecting or overlapping in between the boxes. The rectangles could be reordered or placed side by side with no negative or positive effect. Which is great if you are playing with blocks, but this is supposed to be a thoughtful design piece.

I felt the facts and designs in each box was self-contained and have been in a slide show about self employment with each fact contained within a single slide. Maybe that was the thought all along. The font choice is nice and is easy to read. The fonts is fun and unassuming so it goes well with the light fare of content. The graphics are high quality images that look great at their large size, but they don’t add any personality to the infographic. Stock images appear to be the source. The illustrations are simple shapes and are mostly maps,with a human object used to show a worker. Nothing exciting and nothing horrible, but opportunities for a better design certainly existed.

Design: C-

I don’t mind simple design when done with the idea of simplicity in mind. But here I felt the simplicity was based on speed. As in I have to get a infographic done quickly. the large amounts of “white space” don’t make sense either. It is used in some boxed but not others.

Information: C-

All of the facts are easy to come by and not all that fascinating. Many other interesting facts were not included and would have helped this piece. Much like the quick feel of the design, the information in this infographic didn’t feel well researched.

source: Being Self Employed in the UK vs USA