Search and Rescue Statistics for Saving Skiers

Search & Rescue Costs in North America

Cost in North America for rescuing skiers are paid by the Coast Guard or National Park Service so you are saved for free, kinda. Your taxes pay for everything. But Idaho actually up charges to save your adventurous butt, up to $4,000 for saving out-of-bounds skiers. The same for Arizona, and Colorado will actually fine you $1,000 for trespassing in closed territory. Obey all posted signs, skiers!

Cost of Being Rescued in Europe

Getting Search and Rescue to come save in Europe is a bit pricier, with costs ranging from 1,000 euros to 19,000 euros. Sometimes charges and billed by the hour, so start yelling so they can find you quicker.

General Search and Rescue Costs

Costs in both Europe and the Americas are high. Air Ambulance Repatriation  (process of returning a person back to one’s place of origin or citizenship) is the most expensive by far. Helicopter evacuation and all type of life saving flights are costly. Repatriation in North America is extremely costly.


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