You will definitely need to click on the infographic so you can see the larger version, or else you will never be able to read the short story that is the history of the Business School. I’m a Communications Arts & Design degree holder so I don’t have a lot of business school knowledge, although my roommate was a business major who now works at a plant managing people who make corrugated boxes (Hi, Robbie. How’s the family?), but I digress…

As infographics go, this is a great timeline with pictures. It seems as if the definition for an actual infographic is getting more and more blurred. We’ll table that discussion for later, but within this graphic, information is contained, so let’s go with that. The focus is on the history of the business school. The humble beginnings of the business school start in Paris at The Ecole Superleure de Commerce in 1891 and it wasn’t until decades later that the famous Wharton School open in 1881. Other notable years include 1908 as Harvard launches its business school with the world’s first MBA program; 1922 – University of Chicago introduces the first doctoral program in business; and in 2010 – Boston University Online moved is graduate degree program to the Internet (it was inevitable, right?)

Twenty different dates are included in the timeline, I mean infographic. The dates focus on milestones including a few firsts and seems more interested in the more famous business schools such as Harvard, Columbia and Wharton. It is nice to see some international flavor included and it was an interesting fact to see France led the way. The minor complaint I have is to have seen more schools, or smaller universities represented or an odd fact or two thrown in, you know, something to make you scratch your head and go, huh!? But with business schools as the subject of this timeline, ummm, infographic that may have been asking to much.

The color scheme reflects the business mentality, plain, nondescript and very vanilla. Nothing to break any rules or boundaries and nothing to rock the boat. Tan, green colors with black and white photos say it all and what is says is this, play it safe. The boxes of information are almost metaphors for the cube you will likely be working within if you attend business school, but that probably wasn’t the designer’s intent. ;-)

I graduated with an Bachelor of Arts degree and this infographic makes me glad I did.

Design: C

Hard to grade this one. Really, I don’t think much design thought was put into this, but at least it was consistent in its lack of creativity.

Information: C+

The focus on dates really limited the choices or else the use of dates provided a safe framework for the author, I’m not sure, but either way the information was a little dry.


Source:Master Degree – Infographic