simply business ONS infographic

You’ll have to click into the image in order to be able to read the text – the type is very small and the infographic is wider than most, so I had to do the best I could.  This infographic talks about the UK’s private sector in terms of where they work – industry and region, and addresses the turnover rate.  I had to google what “SME” means, and it means “small and medium enterprises” so now I know that when I didn’t before.  Don’t you love learning?  But I digress…


Because so many bits of this infographic talk to one another, we need to do a quick overview.  First off, what the colors mean in each.  There is a key in each section telling what the colors mean for that particular portion of the graphic.

By Size

In this section, the colors represent the size of companies in employees – and the large central circle tells us that SMEs account for 99.9% of the UK’s private sector, and they provide 59.1% of jobs.  We find the largest amount of turnover in companies with 500 employees or more, but that is to be expected.  An SME has 250 or less employees (see how handy knowledge is?) so that means that less than half of employee turnover occurs in small and medium businesses.  48.7%, to be exact.

By Industry

In this section, the colors represent the industries in which people work.  Then there are some boxes with color blocks inside them that show which industries have the highest employment rate, the highest turnover, and which industries comprise the highest percentage of enterprise.  It was a neat way to display the information, which could get very unruly, I would imagine.  At a glance, you can see that Wholesale and Retail Trade has the highest turnover, and the highest employment percentage, while construction accounts for the largest chunk of all enterprises.

By Region

Going clockwise to the last section, turnover, employment, and enterprises are displayed by region, each color representing a different region.  At a glance, we can see the highest employment AND turnover takes place in London, and East of England has the largest number of enterprises.

Design:  A

The layout is clever, and they managed to condense a lot of bulky information into a streamlined fashion.  That is, after all, what infographics are all about.

Information:  A

Good job overall.

Source: and Public Liability Insurance