Our infographic is titled “Presidents on the Move.” We created it in honor of the upcoming President’s Day holiday (February 20)—and because all things presidential are in the air with the upcoming presidential election in November. is a resource for consumers undertaking a move; the infographic marries the themes of presidents and moving, and, we hope, is a fun and educational diversion.

The infographic has three parts:

  1. We tracked the moves of four popular presidents from two distinct eras: George Washington and John Adams from revolutionary times and George W. Bush and Barack Obama of today. We thought it was interesting to see how far and often today’s presidents move compared to yesteryear’s.
  2. We also compared several famous presidential homes to the White House. We looked at architectural style, location, and, most notably, size; the White House dwarfs them all—especially Lincoln’s log cabin!
  3. And, finally, we looked at presidential birth states. We found that the most popular birth states were Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York.


Design: B+

Clever use of the parchment background and old-timey look.

Information: B

Enjoyed finding out more about 4 of our presidents, so much so I wish more had been included.