Many Americans are spending more and more time outside during the warmers months so it is important to have a comfortable outdoor living area. One trendy landscaping feature that many people are getting for their outdoor areas, are Pergolas.  This infographic takes a look at pergolas from how they are made and the best materials to choose as well as the many different types of pergolas. Check out this infographic if you are looking for a new and trendy feature to add to your outdoor living area.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

I really think the design for this infographic works perfectly for the information. The tan and white background has an outdoors feel and the pergola is clearly shown at the top of the infographic. The title clearly communicates what the infographic is about. All of the subsections are divided perfectly allowing the information to be taken in bit by bit. All of the images that are used are appropriate and I especially like the image at the very bottom which shows all of the different plants that can grow on a pergola. I like that the images slowly take on color as the reader approached the bottom and then at the bottom the whole image is in color.

Infographic Information: A

The information gives a clear understanding of what a pergola is and the many styles that are available. I like the facts about pergolas because it breaks up the information with something fun.  The benefits of a building a pergola I think is the most important part because this section would convince the reader one way or the other about getting a pergola for their home. Overall, the infographic has great information that will help someone who is looking for thing to put in their outdoor living area.

Infographic provided by Rick’s Fencing.

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