The following OSHA infographic is full of information that may be useful to make your work place safer for both you and your employees. It contains information on the most common workplace hazards, violations and safety equipment.

The workplace hazards section give statistics on the most common areas of injury within the workplace and a breakdown on the most common fatal injuries. Over 13 workplace deaths occur every day. Knowing the risks can help minimize them and may just save a life.

The violations area explains the most common workplace safety violations cited by OSHA in 2011. Knowing what these violations are should help you to avoid any violations in the future.
The safety equipment area points out safety concerns and offers multiple solutions. Having the equipment for a safe work environment does no good if it is not put to use. Using the OSHA infographic could help your safety record, not to mention keep your company from being cited for common violations.

Infographic Via OSHA

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