“Why do Freeways Come to a Stop” Infographic

A catchy illustration, a mystery that finally has an answer and 4 simple steps. I do believe this is the perfect recipe for an infographic. Who hasn’t asked, “Why are all the cars stopped on the freeway?” Well, graphically speaking, this is the answer. Seems a bit to simple to me, but that is what infographics do; they simplify the answer. Now watch out for that car in front of you. You don’t want to have to make a stop at the body parts shop or hire a law firm.


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Rubiks Cube Infographic

Simple and right to the point. Exactly the opposite of Rubiks Cube. What puzzle solver from the 80s wouldn’t have wanted this infographic on their wall. Well, okay, only the nerdy ones. But you still have to appreciate the simple style of this image. The 2.25″ x 2.25″ square that took over world.

Image by Julian Gese

Santanna’s How to Throw a Changeup – Baseball Infographic

Sometimes infographics are used to teach rather than just present information in a format that is easy to “digest.” Of course, teaching you how to throw a changeup and doing it are two different things. But this infographic presents the instructions in a clear manner, with additional information on where it is best to throw the pitch.

Better infographics do more than just entertain and inform on the the focus on the pieces (how to throw a changeup), they also give a second (where best to throw the changeup) and sometimes third layer of information (how to identify the changeup if you are a batter) to engross you all the more. Batter up! This infographic is a homerun!

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source: nytimes

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