What is Hydrocephalus?

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You may not know the technical term but you might know of the chronic medical condition caused by a build up of fluid on the brain. Hydrocephalus is a medical condition that affects everyone from infants to seniors. This infographic from the hydroassoc.org helps explain this condition and its’ impact on the United States.


Steps To Embrace eLearning Business

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Disruptive innovation describes a new product (e.g., technology) or service that is a newcomer in a market, often starting at the bottom and then relentlessly moving upmarket, eventually replacing established competitors. This is occurring in the hotel industry (think AirBnB), the music industry (think Pandora and Spotify), the publishing industry (think Amazon and self-publishing), and the transportation industry (think Uber and Lyft).It is also occurring in the adult learning arena as training and education inexorably shift from the on-site meeting room to the online portal, or somewhere in-between. Organizations have two options: Get serious about eLearning to grow membership, revenue and reputation; or be extremely cautious and tentative, like the music, publishing and taxi industries, and find yourself left behind as your customers move on. At Scitent, we’ve developed a road map to eLearning success to prevent you from being left behind.

Embrace eLearning Infographic-Final

Cloud Servers Vs. Dedicated Servers

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Let’s talk about servers, and I don’t mean servers a restaurant. There is a new rise of cloud servers which means that they run off of an online computing environment and are not taking up a physical space. Dedicated servers are the more traditional option that makes up a computer and provides it’s own set of benefits. This infographic from discountdediservers.com helps show the differences in cloud vs. dedicated servers and lets users see the benefits and disadvantages of both.


What Are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) ?

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There are things in your home right now that could be making you sick. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in many building supplies and household products. These compounds can cause physical reactions in anyone who is exposed for a period of time. It is important to have good air ventilation and circulation in your home to help. The infographic below from RabbitAir.com shows which products in your home could be harming you.


The Best Guide to Food Hygiene

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Not everyone can be a great cook, but you should at least be a safe cook. That means making sure you use good hygiene when cooking. Most sicknesses come from food poisioning are bacteria from raw meat. If you cook regularly or want to start cooking, this infographic will be a good lesson in food safety.


Infographic provided by Worktop-Express.co.uk