Which type of website do you need to host?

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This info-graphic shows the options when choosing a web hosting company to use. It’s worth thinking about the demands and requirements that your blog or website will need.

Finding the best web hosting company all depends on working out what provider gives you the most features and enough features for your business to grow.


Infographic provided by bestwebhostingnow.co.uk

The Business of Halloween

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Halloween is here and that means millions of children and adults will be dressing up and trick-or-treating tonight. Halloween is a money making holiday for businessess just like other major holidays. The sales of candy, costumes, and decorations leads to increased profits for many businesses. This infographic looks at the numbers behind Halloween and asks if this Halloween will be a record-breaking year.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design colors work well to showcase a Halloween theme and the information is organized in a clear and easy to follow format.

Infographic Information: B+

The information provides a lot of statistics and shows the spending habits in the UK last Halloween. It would be safe to think that in 2014 the numbers would be even higher.

Infographic provided by AllFacnyDress.com

Are You a Hustler or a Highroller?

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If you gamble you might know that there are several types of gamblers. Those who bet high and those who bet low. There is not a correct way to bet, but some people like to take a little more risk when they gamble. This infographic from Euro Palace, provides and insight into the types of gamblers and you may recognize a few famous famous. So read the infographic and see if you can figure out what type of gambler you are.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The infographic is clean and has a fun modern design. I like the real photos of the celebrities, the interesting flowchart, and the types of gambling games you can play.

Infographic Information: B+

The information does provide the reader with what type of gambler they are and that is great. I like that the reader can learn something about themselves from the infogrpahic!

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Australia

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In this infographic, you will learn about the top causes of car accidents in Australia. There are over 600,000 road crashes reported every year in Australia – that’s more than one crash every minute!

Motor Accident Legal Service Infographic September

Infographic provided by www.motoraccidentlegalservice.com.au

The Breakdown of a Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

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Do you know how a paintball gun works? With Mayhem Paintball’s animated infographic, you can follow the paintball from feeder to trigger. Learn about a paintball’s top speed and distance, to truly appreciate why many people go home with one or two bruises! Mayhem Paintball runs a paintball facility in Essex and has a large variety of themed maps to take on your friends and family. Now you know the theory behind the paintball gun, why not try it for yourself?”