The Triple Crown

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One of the most revered titles for any thoroughbred horse to have is the Triple Crown, which only 12 horses have won since it’s inception.  To acquire the title, the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes must be won,. This had not been done since 1978, making this an elusive title until American Pharoah won it this year. This a great achievement, and in the spirit of celebration here is an infographic from the online wagering site, including some interesting facts about the title, its history and previous winners.

triple crown_1

Adult Education

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More and more adults are going back to school to get degrees in higher education. This infographic from Oxford Open Learning has  interesting facts on what Adult Education looks like in the UK.


Where Energy Is Lost In Your Home

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When your energy bill is higher and your trying to figure out where to save, it is important to know where your home is losing energy. This infographic from Snug Network shows the different areas of the home that can account for energy loss. It not only points out the problem areas but also offers a solution to help fix them.


What is Hydrocephalus?

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You may not know the technical term but you might know of the chronic medical condition caused by a build up of fluid on the brain. Hydrocephalus is a medical condition that affects everyone from infants to seniors. This infographic from the helps explain this condition and its’ impact on the United States.


Steps To Embrace eLearning Business

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Disruptive innovation describes a new product (e.g., technology) or service that is a newcomer in a market, often starting at the bottom and then relentlessly moving upmarket, eventually replacing established competitors. This is occurring in the hotel industry (think AirBnB), the music industry (think Pandora and Spotify), the publishing industry (think Amazon and self-publishing), and the transportation industry (think Uber and Lyft).It is also occurring in the adult learning arena as training and education inexorably shift from the on-site meeting room to the online portal, or somewhere in-between. Organizations have two options: Get serious about eLearning to grow membership, revenue and reputation; or be extremely cautious and tentative, like the music, publishing and taxi industries, and find yourself left behind as your customers move on. At Scitent, we’ve developed a road map to eLearning success to prevent you from being left behind.

Embrace eLearning Infographic-Final