A recent survey by StorageMadeEasy found that 1 in 2 of Outlook business users were worried about sharing file attachments with Outlook. Once file attachments are in the wild they can multiply like Rabbits ! You can securely control and audit file links with Audit using Storage Made Easy’s Outlook Add-In. For further information on secure file attachments with Outlook and how to store files easily visit the Storage Made Easy.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

This infographic has a clean and organized design. I did not feel overwhelmed with information but I thought that it clearly pointed out the important information. I like the creative use of charts and images to illustrate the statistics.

Infographic Information: B

Overall the information was nice but did not give any real insight to the problem or how to fix it. I would have preferred a little more background information and explanation of the problem.

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