Cellphones have been like another limb to many people and it is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a cellphone close by. Technology is for the most part a great tool for people. We use our phones for more than just talking and it has become expected when someone carries a phone to be able to access the internet.  Now the great challenge for many companies is whether to develop an app or work on creating a mobile website for their consumers. This infographic discusses the differences between the two.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: A

First off I would like to say that the design of the infographic to look like a phone was a great way to layout the information. The design fits perfectly with the topic and the side by side comparison really helps to see the differences. The distinct features were clearly identified and labeled and matched the features on the opposite program. The clearly defined sections made the information easier to follow and read. I think that the graph showing the U.S. Mobile Apps vs. Consumption in Minutes Per Day could have been labeled better so that it could be clearer. The other data and statics were clear and the graphs used made sense of the information.  Going back to the top I think that the title is great because it describes what the infographic is about and engages the reader. Overall a nice infographic that is well-designed and looks and reads great.

Infographic Information: B+

I think all of the information in this infographic is helpful for those trying to decide which to focus on for their company. It gives equal comparisons and goes down a list of specifications that each one may or may not have. The time usage is important to know so that developers will chose the option where users are spending the most time. The time a person spends on a company’s site or app is important and this data shows that apps are actually keeping people engaged longer than mobile websites. The information about the usage of mobile browsers and mobile apps showed that users used mobile browsers for shopping, searching, and entertainment more than apps. This is great information for companies in these industries so that they can see what users are using. It seemed that apps were being used more for connecting, managing, navigating, and for information. All of this information is great for developers who are trying to decide which option to choose. I would have liked to have seen a conclusion deciding one way or another. There is no definitive opinion on which is better but  it is left up to the reader. Overall a great infographic with really great information to help developers make a decision on apps versus mobile sites.


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