Taking care of your feet is important, especially during the summer when it is hot out and we are wearing thinner shoes. This infographic from Barrats Shoes tells you how to look after your feet this summer.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  C

The first thing I notice about the design is that there is a lot of text. The text is a turnoff because readers don’t want to have to read a lot of information. Pictures and graphs are important to help get the information to the readers. The pink text stands out but is a little overwhelming to look at. The images in the infographic all have a different feel to them and don’t really go with the overall tone of the infographic. I like that the solution to the problems are highlighted in grey boxes so that readers can clearly see what they are.  I appreciate that this infographic wanted to share a lot of information but it is important to make the design work with the information.

Infographic Information: B

So for the information, I think including facts about feet and different problems that people have was nice. They gave clear examples of problems and solutions to help fix them. Using statistics to help back up their information is good because readers will find the facts more reliable. Overall nice information just put into a poorly designed infographic.

This infographic was provided by Barratts shoes who provide a range of footwear and boots

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