This infographic from LexisNexis shows the results of a nationwide survey of law firms and the analysis of lawyer hours worked versus hours billed. This is an interesting piece for those who have used lawyers or want to become a lawyer. The job of law firm management is to determine how they will bill clients and many are starting to use law billing software to get this done.



Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The biggest pet peeve I have on infographics is not having a good title. Unfortunately, this title is boring and really does not explain at all what the infographic is about. I do like the color scheme and images that are used. They give the infographic a professional look which I think is important when presenting the results of a survey.

Infographic Information: B+

Many of us may never think of how lawyers bill for their work but those who use lawyers are sure to be interested. It is surprising that the difference in billable hours differs from location and cases. Should there not be flate fees? I  don’t know I am not familiar with this industry at all. I just think there it is important for clients to know how they will be billed when the hire a lawyer.

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