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I like a juicy hamburger as much as the next meat-loving person, but my age and health have prevented me from enjoying this American delicacy as much as I used to. Switching to grilled chicken sandwiches and the occasional fried chicken sandwich has been an easy switch for the most part, but sometime when walking in my neighborhood I will smell the aroma of burgers on the grill and get the desire to leap my neighbors fence and snatch a flame-grilled hamburger from the grill and devour it post haste, but I digress…

This infographic will make you feel hungry, guilty, ashamed, disgusted and then hungry again. Quite the run of feelings for a simple infographic about something as mundane as the hamburger.

We love McDonald’s Hamburgers

Eight percent of Americans eat at McDonald’s on an average day and 96% of Americans eat a meal there at least yearly. It is no wonder McDonald’s is the leader hamburger retailer in the United States with 42% of the fast-food market.

The Anatomy of a Big Mac Burger

I was quite surprised to see the meat has no preservatives listed while the bread looks to be a chemist’s dream. The Big Mac bun has high fructose corn syrup, sugar, azodicarbonamide, ethoxylated monoglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate and some other words I can’t pronounce. The ammonium choloride must be what makes it taste so good? Other ingredients on the Big Mac include pickle slices, onions, lettuce, American cheese and the Big Mac Sauce which has many ingredients I also don’t recognize, but it sure it delicious.

Our Favorite Fast-food Hamburgers

There is certainly no shortage of choices if you are looking for a drive-through fast-food restaurant and our favorites shouldn’t surprise anyone, although some are certainly lesser known due to limited franchises in certain locales. Even though McDonald’s is the busiest, it’s burger was rated number 5. Burger King hamburgers came in at number 4 and Wendy’s square-shaped burgers were rated third best hamburgers. Number 2 was the In-N-Out Burger from the West coast franchise and the number 1 favorite hamburger was served up by Five Guys Burger and Fries!

Sadly, some of the burgers have calorie counts as high as 900 (Burger King Double Whopper), but In-N-Out Hamburger has a burger ringing in at only 270 calories. MdcDonald’s burger looks positively healthy compared to Carl’s Jr. Original Six Dollar Burger. The Big Mac has 540 calories while Carl’s Jr. burger tops out at 890 calories.

What A Burger!

The infographic also lists the world’s most expensive burger, The FleurBurger in Las Vegas, at $5,000. Kate Middleton’s favorite burger has 805 calories, but I’m not sure why we should care? The world’s weirdest burger, and my niece has prepared this, is a burger with a blazed doughnut bun, served with a fried egg and bacon. Heart attack city here I come.

A Fast-Food Infographic

The infographic is much like the fast-food it is informing us about. The information is met to be taken in quickly without much sustaining information contained. It is a fast read and the stats it provides are fun and give you some flavorful tidbits about hamburgers, their ingredients and information about the restaurants that serve them.  The graphics are a lighter fare with nothing particularly standing out but nothing is working against the overall design. The infographic imagery is a mix of photography and simple line art which goes together okay. The colors feel right and don’t distract from the information, which is provided in easy to read typefaces. The deign and information serve each other well. Neither is great, but they also don’t hurt the piece.

Design: C+

The design was prepared fast and served hot, but the presentation left a bit to be desired.

Information: B-

Lots of nutritional facts to gawk at and some tasty details about the hamburger make this an interesting feast.

Hamburger Infographic provided by Weight Loss for All.

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