This infographic is a great homage to the microprocessor.  Born over forty years ago, the microprocessor has undergone many changes, and this infographic shows us the ways we use them today.


Microprocessors are used in commercial buildings to monitor energy consumption and make it so that the buildings are energy efficient.

Major Machines

Microprocessors are used in treadmills and other exercise equipment, vending machines, ATMs, cash registers, and more.


Microprocessors allow retail signs to really communicate to their demographic – they are able to change to address people of a certain age or gender.


Traffic signs can guide cars away from wrecks and construction, digital surveillance helps keep order on the road, roads have warning systems for bad weather, and inside the car itself microprocessors make navigation systems and in-car entertainment a reality.

Personal Devices

From your household appliances to your MP3 player, microprocessors are all over your home.  In your computer, your TV, and maybe even in your medication.  They now make pill bottles that can tell you whether or not you’ve already taken your medication.


Tractors that can plant seeds, fertilize, and harvest are now automated, thanks to microprocessors, and microprocessors are even at the heart of the wind turbines, making them more energy efficient and useful.


Design:  A

It’s pretty, and neat-looking.

Information:  A

It really drives the message home when you think about how many everyday items contain a microprocessor.

Source: It’s a Smart World Infographic by Intel