Wine iphone app infographic

Many years ago I began to acquire a taste wine for that didn’t come from a box (best boxed wines) and even attended a wine tasting festival to better acquaint myself with the subtle nuances that my lovely wife said I was missing. Of course, drinking wine ain’t cheap, unless you are drinking cheap wine, and so this isn’t a activity to take up lightly. But if you are going to start down the path of the wine connoisseur then be ready to have blue teeth when drinking red wine so you might want to start with the whites, but I digress…

This infographic was created by Randy Krum for Vintank and illustrates the large number of wine related iphone apps that are available for the iphone owners that just can’t get enough information about wine. How many wine apps are available? At this time, and probably growing, 452 apps relating to wine are available in the iTunes store. That’s great news, right? Not so fast, over half of them have 2 stars or less (this includes no rating) for a rating. And sadly, only 28 have a 5-star rating so it would appear that this type of iphone app has more quantity than quality, so wine drinking iphone users should be as picky about their wine app as they are about their wine.

Of course if you have enough money to drink wine, then you can probably afford to buy more than one iphone wine app – you can buy all 452 apps for just $875.25. That’s much cheaper than many of the expensive wines listed here. If you are looking to save your money for actually buying wine then I have good news as many of the apps, in fact most of the apps are for free and many more are just $.99.

So the information is light, like a nice white wine, but still has good flavor. The design contrasts as it has a darker, heavy feel, kinda like a Merlot wine. Classic and elegant thin fonts on a black background with bright colors for most of the graphics leave a pleasing aftertaste for the visual palette. Some of the text is a difficult to read such as the purple and blue text, but this infographic doesn’t pretend to be more than it is, a playful bit of information housed in a simple, quick-glance design.

After drinking in this infographic, I think I’ll have one more glass, after all, I’m not driving.

Design: B-

I wanted to see more creative use of wine paraphernalia such as cork screws and wine glasses and the darker colors were hard to read, but cohesive feel throughout.

Information: B

The information that was included was interesting and covered the topic well, but only because it was a very niche topic.