Better than try to explain it myself, here is how the infogrphic explains itself – “We know that people are going to be busy watching movies this Christmas and that movie making today is heavily reliant upon computer server technology….But did you know that Intel based servers are also working behind the scenes to bring you all of these other Christmas experiences?”  Let’s take a look:

Watching  A Movie

The average film runs about 127 minutes.  It takes multiple servers one week to render 3 seconds of a movie.  So, if there are 60 seconds to every minute, and roughly 127 minutes to each movie…well, you do the math.  That a lot of computing.

Searching For Gifts Online

800 million European web users use the internet to find gift ideas.  Intel is inside over 90% of the annual 8 million times 86 servers shipped globally.

On-The-Go Shopping

eBay anticipated 3 purchases from a mobile device every second in 2011.  For every 600 smartphones or 121 tablets one Intel server is needed to get the content to load.

Shopping Online

UK consumers will spend £3.72 billion in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.  Intel works with MasterCard to make your shopping experience secure.

Intel and Christmas Dinner

Intel is everywhere.  From the potato chips you eat to the cardboard boxes your gifts arrive in, Intel is involved with all of it.

Gift Delivery

DHL, the shipping company, manages a million transactions per hour.  That is managed by a data center that is powered by Intel.  Most logistics companies use Intel technology.  The basic top of the line Intel server can handle 2,500 online transactions per second.

Christmas Wishes

In 2010 209 million European Facebook users accounted for more than 10% of web activity on Christmas Day.  Most of your phone calls and emails pass through an Intel server at some point – in fact, 75% or more of Google and Facebook’s traffic are handled through Intel-based servers.  Facebook saw a 62% performance improvement after switching to Intel’s latest servers.  As many as 25 million people will send holiday wishes over Skype this year.

Google Search

Some of the most searched terms on Google leading up to this Christmas are:

10. Christmas Gifts

9. Christmas Songs

8. Christmas Trees

7. Christmas Markets

6. Christmas Decoration

5. Christmas Cards

4. Christmas Gifts

3. Christmas Ideas

2. Christmas Tree

1. Christmas Lights


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Though the data pertains to Europe, I think we can assume that Intel’s pretty important in the U.S. as well.

Source:  Intel Server Products