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As simple as it may appear, preparing and smoking a cigar is not as straight forward as many may think.   From cutting and lighting, to holding and enjoying your favorite cigar, this helpful infographic explains everything on How to Smoke a Cigar in an easy step by step format.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: B+

The design for this infographic is nice and meets a lot of the requirements that I look for in a good infographic. The title is clear and big with a great image incorporated into it. The different sections are clearly labeled and defined by headings. I think that having the numbered steps is great for people who enjoy lists and I know that I like that because it lays the information out in order  for what needs to be done. The images for the different sections also worked well and allowed the reader to see the correct way to hold, cut, and ash a cigar. The red color used throughout the infographic makes it stand out for readers and the tan background creates a nice back drop for the information. This infographic was well-designed and has a great layout for the information.


Infographic Information: A

I have never smoked a cigar so I found this information helpful for if I ever wanted to smoke one. I enjoyed the lists that explained step by step how to light a cigar. Also the information on how to hold, cut, and ash a cigar is great for anyone who has never smoked before. I thought having the section on how to enjoy a cigar was interesting. I had never thought of the proper way to smoke one I thought you just did it, but it is nice to see that it really is about the experience. I think the section on cigar etiquette was a smart section to add for people who are new to it so that they don’t offend anyone.  I will say that this infographic would also be helpful for people who do already smoke cigars because some of them do not follow the etiquette rules.  Lastly it was nice to have the last step  to be considerate of non-smokers. As a non-smoker I appreciate this and really that is all I ask of smokers, just be considerate. This was a really interesting infographic and I know anyone who reads it will be sure to learn something about cigar smoking.


In addition to the basics, this infographic from will also familiarize you with acceptable cigar etiquette along with interesting tips on how to get the most flavor and enjoyment from your cigar.

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