This is an infographic created by a company that makes custom military coins.  I am a little confused, since I thought that most military images are property of, well, the military, but apparently you can design your very own custom military coin and get it shipped to you.  Since these obviously are not used as currency (at least not that I know of), I imagine they are used as collectibles, ordered by different battalions, or Civil War Re-enactors, or veterans groups.  Come to think of it, it really is a neat way to commemorate a certain event or group of people.  And I suppose, since the coin can have ANY design you want, that it doesn’t have to be military-themed.  It could be fraternity-themed, company-themed, book-club-themed…but I digress.

What To Note About the Company’s Services

They do free shipping in the USA, which is crucial because a gazillion coins are heavy.  They will do free art, so that if you are a crappy artist, or if you are not sure exactly what you want, they will mock something up for you.  They will do five Pantone color matches for you for free – that used to cost a lot.  Also, they guarantee their coins 100%.

The Design Process

First you choose quantity (you can order up to a “gazillion” coins.  That’s a lot of coins).  Then you choose the size, metal style, and shape.  Not for nothing, but I think coins should be round.  Then you send either your already-designed art, or your ideas for them to create art for you.


After that, they send you a proof.  It will be a paper proof, not an actual proof of your coin.  Come on.  They’re already color matching, doing free artwork, and shipping for free.  What else do you want from these guys?  You can either approve your proof, or you can say, “Gee, I think it would be better with more cowbell” or something and they’ll do a new proof for you.  Rinse, repeat.


I pretty much covered this in the last paragraph.  I got ahead of myself.  The infographic did not.  It went through the process properly.  The colors are a little striking, I should mention, but typefaces are good, I like the use of tone-on-tone in some places, and they are funny in their little text bits.  I like funny.  It makes me happy.


They ship FOR FREE!  Amazing.  I feel like I’m reviewing this company, and not their infographic, but their infographic is ABOUT their company, so it’s a whole chicken/egg sort of thing.  You can track your order via UPS, and order usually arrive withing 17 days of proof approval.  And there’s a big picture of a box.

All in all, I like that a company is advertising itself via infographic, and they made a pretty good one.  I mean, I’ve seen worse.

Design:  B

It is nice to look at.  It is organized well.  I am partial to the color orange.

Information:  A

At least, I think so.  Unless they are lying about their company, which I do not think they would do.

VIA: MilitaryCoinsUSA