Hurricane season is back again and it is the time of year to make sure that you are prepared for a hurricane. There is nothing worse than a hurricane coming and your home is not prepared for it. This infographic helps you prepare your home for a hurricane.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: B

The infographic has a bright design that stands out for readers and the colors work together nicely which is appealing to the eye. The different sections are numbered making it easy to read and to follow. The title is clear and conveys the main point of the infographic. The images are a little boring and I would have liked to have seen a few more to help add to the infographic. The writing is small and a little hard to read against the background colors. My personal opinion would have been to use a more blue and green color scheme to resemble the ocean and the beach. This to me would make more sense than purples and magenta. I will say that while this is not a horrible infographic this is not the most exciting or entertaining infographic to read.


Infographic Information: C

The information on this infographic is nice for someone who may not know anything about preparing for a hurricane. The information talks about how to secure roofs, windows, doors, and soffits. The information is very basic and does not give good details on how to make sure things are secure in your home. The advice for sealing and securing the roof was to schedule a roof inspection. That is great but what can I do first to make sure my roof is secure. Some of the tips were good but there was just not enough information to really be helpful. The best place to get the information that many people would need is actually at the link at the bottom of the infographic. This has the information that really should be on the infographic. This infographic had the potential to be really informative and helpful but it came up short.

Infographic submitted by Nationwide Insurance to help you with your hurricane preparedness.

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