Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B+

This is a small infographic with a lot of financial information which does not give it a lot of great design points. I do like the colors that are used and the while on the blue background ads a little extra border. The orange helps to compare the different years and the charts are easy to read and understand. I know it is hard to incorporate images into such a professional infographic but adding a few images of houses would have made me happy. But other than that I cannot say too many negative things about the design.


Infographic Information: B

The information was interesting to see how debt differs due to different factors.  I was surprised to see that only about 40% of people actually seek help with their debt. I would think that those who have serious debt problems would try and consult with someone to help get out of debt. I do think that the information here is a little short. There could have been a lot more put into this to really give the reader a good understanding of debt and debt relief especially a way to help readers find a way out of debt. Overall though a nice simple infographic that offers some good basic information.

Infographic provided by Careonecredit.com

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