This infographic, provided by elocal.com, highlights some home improvement trends of fiscal year 2011. The graphic takes a direct approach to examining the trends, with a particular emphasis on specific categories like green living, home updates and value awareness.

Due to the housing market, says the graphic, homeowners will choose to stay in their current homes and invest in updates rather than move into a new home. The graphic predicts that renovations will add the most value to homes in 2011, and homeowners will pursue designs that embody their personalities and transform their homes into what they love most. Curb appeal will be of the utmost importance to current homeowners, and there will be more exterior updates to the home, everything from installing new roofing and siding to merely painting the front door.

The green living segment of the graphic states that the typical homeowner will be more aware than ever of the components that make up their homes. Reused and recycled materials will be used throughout the house a great deal in 2011. Natural resources that can be harvested like cork and bamboo will play a larger role in flooring and furniture. Water efficient faucets, toilets, and showers, as well as tankless water heaters will be installed in more homes than ever. Homeowners will embrace greener plumbing systems, such as gray water recovery and solar options.

The efficient spaces portion of the graphic discusses how more and more people will use the space in their homes more efficiently. It says that people will create hybrid spaces, that is, they will engender spaces that serve two, sometimes three functions. Examples of this include a home office that doubles as a game room.

2011 will also see an uptick in the number of technological appliances that fill a home, as well as an uptick in the number of people who bring nature into their home. Building new decks and porches will become more and more popular as the planet changes in 2011.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: A-

I think the design is very strong. The creators chose an interesting collection of color shades. It has a more “animated feel” than many graphics you see on this site. If you’re looking for a graphic with a unique flair, then then look no further than this infographic.

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A great deal of content has been jammed into this graphic, making it rather elite. Sometimes graphics here are rail thin from a content perspective. Other times, the graphics give so much info that they overload your brain. This graphic strikes the balance. And how!