Ah, the holidays.  Wait, have we said that before?  This infographic, created by New Yorkers, gives you an idea of how much you should tip certain people for the holidays.  Granted, in New York there are a lot of people to tip, but I’m betting that people in many different towns and cities have helpers they need to tip, and this guide gives you a good idea.  And, if you’re like me and too poor to have a housekeeper, handyman, etc., at least you know how much you’re saving by not having to tip those nonexistent people in your life.  But I digress…

What to Tip?

Your superintendent or resident manager should get on average $75 to $175 for the holiday tip.  Tip your doorman anywhere from $25 to $150.  For the porter or handyman, $20 to $30 should supposedly suffice, though I wonder if I care more about the guy who takes my rent check every month or the guy who came out at 2 AM to fix my dishwasher.  The garage attendant is supposed to get $25 to $75.  As for domestic helpers, a nanny should get a week’s salary as a Christmas tip, a babysitter should get the equivalent of an evening’s pay, and the housekeeper should also get a week’s salary.

Your newspaper carrier should get $5 to $15 dollars.  Your hairdresser should get $25 to $100 (I guess depending on how your hair looks that day…), your manicurist should get $10 to $50, and the dog walker should get a week’s salary.  Dog walker?  Really?

When to Tip

It is acceptable to give out your holiday tips anytime in December through February, but most people give their cash gifts, aka tips, in the weeks before Christmas.

Unusual Gifts

Some people decide to give gifts that aren’t cash.  Some strange gifts that have been given to doormen include perfume, a used car, a smoking jacket, and some CDs, and other people have given baked goods, wine or champagne, or cuff links.

100 Year’s Perspective

This is an interesting chart that shows the dollar equivalents between tips in 1911 and 2011.  For instance, $3.00 to the maid in 1911 comes out to $68.75 today.  Check out the chart for more dollar equivalents.


Design:  B-

It’s kind of fuzzy, and I’m not crazy about the graphics or the colors used.

Information:  A-

Good information, if you need to know how much to tip the people who make your day to day life easier for you.

Source: Holiday Tipping Infographic presented by apartment rental reviews site, with thanks to the BrickUnderground 2011 Holiday Tipping Guide.