history of japanese bloodtyping infographic

When this was submitted by a reader I wasn’t sure what to think. I had never  heard of bloodtyping. Blood types? Yes.

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something as weird and commercial as this. If you want to know more about bloodtyping, take a gander over here. The basic idea is that your blood type dictates many things about you: your personality, your likes, your strengths and weaknesses and so on. Whether you believe this is true or not (I, personally do not. It sound like astrology and horoscoping to me which I also believe is a fantasy.) is not the point. How does this serve its audience as an infographic?

The red color was an obvious and good choice, the color of blood, of course. But the designer chose the better path, rather than dominating the image with red and splatters to resemble a horror poster, they have chosen a very clinical approach that works quite well. The non-descript people with their red accessories is well placed in this infographic. The graphics all match in terms of their design and the hint of the japanese culture with the blossoms at the top and throughout the infographic really gives it a nice touch.

The blue color contrasts nicely with the red color and the use of white text really hits home the clinical feel I mentioned earlier. Each section is easily identified, the content is presented cleanly with obvious breaks and the typeface has its own personality yet isn’t distracting for the reader. A good choice of color, design elements and shapes makes this infographic worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B
Clean, fun graphics with excellent color choices.

Content: B
Fascinating insight and interesting stats about a new fad. The Japanese are always doing something interesting and weird. ;-)