For centuries, people have claimed that the eyes are windows to the soul. Well, what if your soul is completely evil and ready for a shockingly authentic Halloween experience. No costume is complete without a total personality makeover. This can never be achieved without altering the most personal and “telling” features.

Scary contact lenses are the secret to every Hollywood producer’s transformation of actors into the most stunningly-familiar, memorable and poignant creatures. With custom contact lenses you can truly and authentically become your favorite classic monster, Hollywood goolie, undead scene-stealer, or classic beast.

With altered contact lenses, people will have to get “really close” to tell who they are standing next to. What a great way to spook someone completely, or work on that Halloween-inspired relationship. Scary contact lenses are the ultimate ice-breaker and the costume feature that lets other party-goers know they are sharing space with someone who takes Halloween seriously and can’t help but go “all out!”

Graphic brought to you by provider of Halloween contact lenses.

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