Halloween is less than week away and many children are ready to get dressed up and go out trick or treating. This infographic breaks down all of the different numbers about Halloween including how many Americans participate and just how much we spend on all that candy.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographic definitely has the Halloween feel with images familiar that are familiar at Halloween time. I like that there are different scenes that break up the infographic and showcase different information. The title is big and right from the beginning readers will know what the infographic is about. The font that some of the text is in has a creepy scary look to it as well which again adds to the Halloween theme.

Infographic Information: B

The information was interesting and shocking to see. I think the biggest shock to read was how much Americans will spend on Halloween. I also liked the chart that broke down where people get costumes ideas from. The majority got them from the stores while my favorite place to get a costume idea is from pop culture. I was surprised to see such a low number of Americans actually take their kids trick or treating. I thought this number would have been higher as it seems so many children enjoy trick or treating. I think overall the information is interesting to read about.

Thanks to Traidcraft.co.uk

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