Finding just the right shipping container to meet your needs certainly doesn’t sound complicated, but there are many things to consider before you buy and even before you begin your search.

What will the shipping container be used for?

  • Refrigeration
  • Moving a home
  • Extra storage
  • Garden shed
  • Mobile office

What are the different types of containers?

  • 10-foot cargo
  • Open top
  • Refrigeration
  • General Purpose

This infographic was created by Tiger Containers.

Quick Review:

Design: C+

Nice use of color and the and the small amount of imagery is helpful. The images are photographic and illustrative. A more cohesive design using one type of imagery would have helped. Text okay, but a more thought-out decision would have improved the design.

Content: B

While information about choosing a shipping container is for a very small group of people, it does give you great questions to think about and will help you make a more informed decision.

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