Wonderfully fun and light-hearted video infographic on a subject most of us want to avoid, getting older and growing up. Narrated by a sweet little girl’s voice, this video is cheerful even as it discusses the prospect of moving through life faster than we want to and rewards that await.

Information from the Youtube.com page:

This is an Infographic for school (VFS) The script was made by Vincent Lui

The video made by:
Kasey Lum
Marisa Torres
Alexander Badr

Growing up…

music by luc
voice by mikayla faria

Growing up means getting married one day.  And marriage usually brings copious amounts of jewelry into the home.  As a married couple ages, money may become tight, and they may need to sell jewelry in order to make ends meet. Yes, the cycle of life. The video infographic sheds more light on the subject of aging.