Google has updates to their algorithm that can affect the results of a search. This infographic shares a timeline of one of Google’s major updates known as Panda and how you can react to being hit by a Google Panda penalty.




Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B

The design is fairly good playing off of the Panda title by using images of pandas and bamboo. The title uses the colors of google and the black and white of pandas. The timeline is easy to follow and all of the dates are labeled correctly. I like that the information at the bottom is in its own box that is given a clear title.

Infographic Information: C+

The information is a little on the small size. There is a long list of dates and names with a little information about how to fix the problem if you get a panda penalty. I think adding more information about what to do to avoid a penalty would have been helpful instead of just listing the dates and the names of the updates. The information that was in the solution box did offer some good ideas for anyone in the SEO industry.

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