Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

I am assuming the infographic design was supposed to mimic a cheesy and out-of-date poster you might find on a junior high gym wall. If so, this infographic does a great job of taking me back to the 80s when this type of poster was prevalent especially as a public service ad or notification. I will point out a few nice details I think were intentional to juice up the comedy in this funny infographic: turkey leg in hand while running to fridge, face on female co-worker as man lunges in her direction, bored expression by dog as it is lifted and the hairy legs under the covers for bedroom gymnastics. Well done, indeed.

Infographic Information: A-

The text in this infographic is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek so we need to rate it based on its comedic value not on how helpful the information they provide on getting the ideal healthy beach body you have always wanted. I did smile at the “ideas” for treating your world as a gym such as “running to the fridge,” with turkey leg in hand and performing office lunges with your crotch directed at your female co-worker. And this gem, “Consideration: There is a distinct possibility that you may look like an idiot,” while performing public transport pull-ups. And I can attest to living room dog lifting. Very humorous and you feel compelled to read to see if the next joke will be better than the last. Writing comedy is hard, harder than drama (especially in an infographic) so give it up to the writer on this, they did a good job. I’ll not touch the bedroom gymnastics visual humor with a ten foot pole.

Infographic submitted by Holland & Barrett

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