Not a happy topic, but something everyone needs to know about.  This infographic gives you the costs of funerals depending on the country.  We’re given costs for Russian, Spain, Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, and China.


A funeral costs £520 (US $830) but you’re hard-pressed to find a burial plot in Moscow.  There are so few available that they are only reserved for major politicians and “mafia.”


£2520 (3000 Euros) will get you a funeral, and you can get one from a mobile undertaker in Northern Spain.  The mobile undertaker even offers a “Chapel of Rest” and a “wakes” room.


After the 500 Euros the German government pays out to each family paying for a funeral, the cost is £3530, or 4200 Euros.


With the average coffin running around $3000, everything all put together costs $13500 for a typical American funeral.  That’s £8500 if you’re wondering.

Great Britain

Right now, it costs about £2860 for a funeral, but by 2015 it will cost £3500 because of inflation.


A funeral only costs 15000 Yuan, or £1260, but the government has put the kibosh on the tomb-futures market, which means burial land is limited.


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It’s pretty Halloween-y, but that’s better than it looking like the inside of a funeral parlor or something.

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It’s stunning to see how expensive a funeral is in the U.S., compared to other countries.