What a great concept for a graphic. This graphic, provided by Package Fox, tells of the difference between UPS and FedEx. It’s a common dilemma many people find themselves in. They want to ship a package and can’t decide whether they should go the FedEx route or the UPS route. The charts and figures in the graphic present a nice comparison of the two.  First, it examines the slogans.

At the moment, FedEx’s slogan is “The World on Time.” UPS counters with the more playful “What can Brown do you for you?”  Which one do you like better? I personally think the UPS one sticks out in your mind more. The companies are fairly close to each other from a revenue standpoint, with FedEx bringing in a cool $35 billion a  year and UPS bringing in only $10 billion more than that. UPS has more daily shipments, has more packages delivered on time, and has many more ground vehicles than FedEx. What’s interesting is that FedEx actually has more air vehicles, with 694 jets compared to UPS’s 268 jets. This fact that UPS has about 5 times the amount of ground vehicles seems to easily make up for this discrepancy.

A few other interesting tidbits: UPS has a larger fleet of alternative fuel vehicles, but FedEx has almost a hundred more hybrid vehicles. The final two charts in the graphic prove two axioms unequivocally.

–FedEx rules the air, while UPS rules the ground. More consumers and large carriers use FedEx for air and international shipping, but they turn to UPS when they want to deliver a package to Aunt Sally a couple of states away.

–FedEx is the most reliable and, according to the last chart, offers the most value in terms of ground shipments.

To gather the data for this graphic, PackageFox turned to Morgan Stanley, the FedEx and UPS annual reports, and a few other sources. Overall, I found this graphic to be very impressive. The charts were displayed in a compelling way, and the information and analysis was thought-provoking.