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Fast Facts on Coffee Consumption Infographic

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This coffee infographic contains information about how much coffee the world drinks every year, around 66 billion cups! And while the United States ranks #8 for coffee drinking, it is far behind the #1 coffee drinking country in the world, Finland. Surprising to me, Japan ranks right behind the USA at #9. Men only drink slightly more coffee than women. Brewed coffee can contain more caffeine than espresso.

Infographic about coffee drinking provided by Hamilton Beach providing quality coffee makers.

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One Comment on “Fast Facts on Coffee Consumption Infographic”

  1. 1 Ryan said at 2:58 pm on August 1st, 2012:

    The venn diagram at the bottom has a fair amount of incorrect information.

    Cafe au lait is literally translated “coffee with milk.” There is no chocolate in a cafe au lait, though I believe it is common in France to add chocolate to your cafe au lait.

    The double “irish coffee” label is confusing. The yellow liquid should be labeled “irish whiskey” and the venn diagram needs adjusted so that milk is included.

    The “water” label should probably read “hot water,” as just adding water to coffee would give you watered-down coffee. A long black/americano is actually espresso and hot water, so maybe the “coffee” label should be “coffee/espresso.”