Hard to go wrong with an infographic when you follow a few basic rules. Make it interesting and/or topical, keep the graphics simple & easy to “read” and keep the text to a minimum. Well, the words aren’t really kept to a minimum, but they are are placed in the Facebook infographic with surgical precision. Just enough so your can read quicky, almost just scanning, and still pick up the intent of the information. The topic could hardly be more well-known as Facebook has taken over the Internet in a quick and methodical manner, as the last bit of data shows. The blue is similar to the Facebook site and the orange is a good contrasting color to use.

Only a few issues, there is a typo in the fifth word, “didnt”, which needs an apostrophe. Usually I focus on the graphics, but when the typo is in the header it has to be mentioned. And my other gripe is the quality of the graphics. The paypal plunger is rudimentary, the stacks of money are photographs while everything else is line drawings and overall they really looked mish-mashed into this graphic.

I believe the research was on target but more time and attention to detail should have been used. But in today’s Internet world it seems infographics are a dime a dozen and the quality is getting to be less and less. It is much more about quantity today. I really would have liked to see this with a more coherent design and illustration combination.

Facebook Facts Infographic

Thanks to our friends at Online MBA for this infographic.