This infographic teaches us about the history of the microproccesor, which celebrated its 40th birthday this year.  Let’s take a look.


The decade the microprocessor was born, it started with huge calculators and even bigger computers.


The first enormous laptop was created, and game consoles emerged as a new generation turned to a new way to have fun.


By this time, computing became widespread.  Computers were introduced to the business world, into people’s homes, and computers come in all shapes and sizes, from laptops, desktops, and even some early tablets.


Thanks to the introduction of a slew of mobile devices, the internet is mainstream and media and technology grow exponentially.


Today’s microprocessor delivers performance that the 1970’s may have not even dreamed.  Social media and all the other amazing things you can do on mobile devices and computers is possible because of the latest incarnation of the microprocessor.


Design:  C+

The conflicting design and outdated black and white drawings are kind of creepy.

Information:  B

The information is a little general, but solid.

Source: Microprocessor information from Intel.