Here we have an infographic that will be of interest to European football fans. The graphic presents details about four popular football (soccer in the states) stadiums in Europe so that, if you so choose, you can tour them. Let’s go over some of what this well-done graphic covers. First up is the esteemed San Siro stadium in Milan.

San Siro: Tour the stands, the famed “interview area,” and the  stand of honor. You will also learn much about the history of the two clubs who share the stadium. If you go on this tour, you can also visit other attractions, like the ancient ruins in Milan.

Nou Camp: This stadium was used in the ’92 Olympic Games down in Barcelona, and based on the description of the tour, sounds like it would be a very interesting place to see. You’ll have opportunity to view the trophy cabinet and touch screens with player and club stats.

Emirates: No trip to London, in this humble Infographic Showcase correspondent’s opinion, is complete without a visit to the Emirates stadium. You’ll be able to see the director’s box and take a stroll through the famous tunnel of the stadium. If you go on the Legends Tour, you can meet and greet an Arsenal Legend.

Allianz: Go to Munich and see this extraordinary stadium. First, you’ll watch a film of the stadium’s history, then you’ll go on a guided tour of the stadium’s upper tier and stop by the sponsor’s lounge. Finally, you can view the press club offices and changing rooms.

Old Trafford: Ah, Manchester. Home of puff pastry and the Old Trafford stadium. From the stands, to the dugout, to the tunnel, you’ll see it all.

Grading Scorecard

Design: B

This graphic’s design was as good as it goes. Pictures draw you in, but it was a bit light on the graphs and charts.

Content: B+

The content was more solid. It lost some points because I personally found the tour details a tad jarring to read. Having to tilt my head to read them didn’t really work for me. Overall, a good graphic though.

This graphic has been provided by City Breaks