Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: A

The designer on this travel infographic for Expedia UK took their time and did an excellent job. The images and graphics all look custom and fit together nicely. This infographic was not put together piecemeal like many we reviews. Thoughtful consideration was involved, especially with the color palette. Teal and orange make a visually appealing partnership; along with bursts of yellow and plenty of visual “white” space this infographic is a pleasure to read and admire. Fonts are diverse, but not jumbled, and are used with care so they add to the design and make reading fun. An excellent design project.

Infographic Information: A+

You have to hand it to this travel infographic, it is certainly through in its evaluation of European airports according to European Flight information from Expedia UK. It covers many topics that would be of use to both experience and novice travelers in Europe. Topics such as passenger density, destinations, parking fees, distance from the closest metro area (city) and even amenities on the flights are covered such as getting a decent pillow and eye mask for more comfortable travel. Good advice with statistics and helpful information make this infographic truly a traveler’s friend.