The Euro is a major sporting event that many countries look forward to every year. This year was no different with the most countries watching especially the two countries competing. This infographic share some facts about this year’s match and the teams that were playing.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

I have to point out that the first thing that I think of when I look at this infographic is not sports. For some reason the images used have no connection to a sports theme at all. I am assuming that this was intentional and while that may be the case I am still confused as to the decision to use such a unique theme. If I were scrolling and just glanced at this I would think it has something to do with flowers and not sports. If you wanted to reach those who are into sports the infographic should have reflected that this does not look like a sports infographic. With all of that being said there were some things that I did like including the different sections for each country that gave a little information and facts. The stick figure images were nice because they did have a sports feel to them. So while the theme may have been a little two different for my taste it did not take away from the information which is an important part of an infographic.


Infographic Information: B

Unlike the design of the infographic I felt that the information was great. I thought for someone like myself who knows nothing about the Euro, this was a good way to learn about it. The information about the teams and the different players helped to give a better understanding of the game. The “did you know?” sections were fun and interesting to read which broke up some of the same types of facts. This infographic does a great job offering both informative and different information that many may not have heard before. While the design may be hindering this infographic the information is able to carry it to the goal.

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