Email marketing isn’t something to be done without experience or at least some advice on the possible pitfalls of this niche marketing tactic. This infographic provides some simple and effective tips for email marketing.

11 Simple Tips on How to Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective forms of advertising for both small and large businesses today. When directed to targeted prospects and customers, properly executed email campaigns can produce fantastic results, but more importantly, they build and maintain long-lasting, loyal relationships – which are the very core of successful businesses.

If you’re currently involved in marketing via email, great! This how to advice from, will provide useful tips, tricks and ideas to enhance the results associated with your email campaigns.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: C-

Fun, bright, colorful and…well, not much else. The design on this infographic starts out well and looks good at first glance, and it isn’t bad, but falls short of being good. It’s average or a bit below average. It is a list more than an infographic, albeit a very helpful list, and the information is presented in sequential numbered order. But other than solid blocks of color with simplistic stock art, there isn’t much else going on here. Envelopes, mail boxes make up the majority of the art used and non of it is particularly visually appealing. Not unappealing, just not making me look twice. The C- grade feels right. This infographic fails to deliver for m.

Infographic Information: A

For all the pizzazz the design lacks in this marketing infographic, the content is very good. I would bet it was pulled from a previous written article and the graphic design slapped on after the fact. It is written with purpose and easy to understand. The tips for email marketing are accurate and to some degree, common sense, but that Don’t stop it from being valuable. While details are helpful, an infographic can’t teach you everything, but the idea of what it takes to start an email marketing campaign are outlined in the steps.