What are fake pharmaceuticals? They are counterfeits. Counterfeit drugs may be the very pharmaceuticals you have stored in your medicine cabinet right now. Counterfeit drugs are big business world-wide and people have died from their ingestion. Pharmaceutical companies pay the price, too. Counterfeit drugs are a high-profit venture with very low risk. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy expects fake drug companies to grow by leaps and bounds, topping off to a $75 billion dollar industry and more.

If they are fake, what’s in them? Sixty percent of these drugs lack enough active ingredients to be beneficial, 17% are of improper dosages and 16% contain incorrect ingredients.

The sale of counterfeit drugs is rising steadily around the world, as shady entrepreneurs jump aboard the drug bus. In 2002, there were 196 incidences of the sales discovered. By 2010, the charts topped off at 2,054 reported fakes.

The country with the seamiest pharmacy fakes is Asia, topping the list with 1,073. Africa has the lowest incidence of counterfeits in the world, beating out the carefully guarded US system.

Online drug companies pose a substantial temptation and risk to the unwary consumer. The ease of access and tag of ‘no prescription needed’ is often just the entrapment that fake drug dealers need to stay in business. Perhaps the online fake pharmacy also bills itself as ‘Canadian’; thus, a veneer of legitimacy. Unfortunately, practically any phony pharmacy can put up a maple leaf and call themselves Canadian.
Persons who frequent these sites are 50% more likely to purchase counterfeit drugs unknowingly.

How can a person avoid getting counterfeit drugs while purchasing online?
Stay in the USA. Do not buy drugs from foreign vendors. It is risky and illegal.
Don’t buy pharmaceuticals from a site that declares ‘no prescription needed.’ Prescriptions are needed.
Safe online ordering has NABP VIPPS certification.
Make sure the site has a permanent, real-location street address and not just a nebulous name out in the online ether somewhere.

Via: Carrington College


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