I know that as a child grows there are certain milestones that children should have to make sure they are developing correctly. This infographic breaks down the different milestones into months and years so you can see if your child is developing at a normal pace. I think this is a great infographic for parents or anyone who may be interested in an early childhood education program.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A+

I like the background color for this infographic with its plain neutral colors that make the other information standout. The different stages are broken into months and years and show which skills the child should have developed. There are not a lot of great images but the ones that are used work with the infographic. I appreciate the key that was used to break up the information in each stage into specific skills that they learn. The color coding symbols work great for that.

Infographic Information: A+

The information is detailed and has a lot of thought put into it. The first couple of sections break down why early childhood development is important and how it helps your child’s brain. The section for parents give parents a better understanding of what they can do to help their children develop properly. I think this is a great infographic with great information for parents and anyone else interested in early childhood education.

Infographic provided by Rasmussen College

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